Hey everyone! So I’m new to this whole blogging thing…well to be completely honest, I’m new to this whole “writing for fun” thing. I hate writing really, so it’s a miracle in itself that I started this thingy here! Well I don’t want to bore anyone who might actually read this, so I’m just gonna get to the point. I’m a freshman at North Carolina State University and its been a whopping 2 months since I’ve moved in. So much has happened in those 2 months and I know so much more is still to come in my experience at college, so I wanted to start a blog to keep track of some of the awesome things I’ve done! Mainly cause I have a terrible memory and I don’t want to forget any of it, but also to share with people like you!…and my family and friends! I hope you enjoy this blog and living vicariously through my magnificent, wonderful, fantastic, out-of-this-world amazing, crazy, fun…I think you’re getting my point….I live a real boring life….SIKE! I hope you enjoy!!!


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