Cowboy Boots and Black Dresses

My first college football game! What comes to mind when thinking of this experience is….SWEATY! It was so hot, I mean so hot! And of course it was a blackout, genius, pure genius of whoever decided that one. But none the less it was plenty fun! I tailgated with CRU and got me some hushpuppies, BBQ, and sweet tea. Well I skipped out on sweet tea since I’m not a fan, but that’s what CRU is known for, well besides loving Christ and spreading the good news that is. We played corn hole before the game and walked around to all the other tailgates until we made our way into the stadium. I was in for a real surprise when all the cheers began and the only part of knew of all of them was “go to hell Carolina.” But people tell me that’s the most important part to know, so I guess I’m doing something right. Learning all the cheers word for word is still a work in progress but I’m pretty good at faking it and looking like I know what I’m saying. The team looked like they were struggling the first half but pulled it together in the end to get that W! GO PACK!


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