CRU Fall Retreat

Since I’ve been at State I’ve gotten heavily involved in CRU, which is short for Campus Crusades. Its a christian organization on campus that brings together anyone who loves Christ and wants to grow deeper in love with Him. I can honestly say my closest most dear friends thus far from State have come from CRU. Every year CRU has their fall retreat at the same place, where there is a lake-like-pond water source where you can go blobbing, and there’s a pool and a go cart track. But this year it poured almost every minute of the retreat, so all of that was closed due to safety precautions. However! There was a 3 v 3 basketball tournament that I got to participate in! That in itself proved how out of shape I had gotten since the beginning of summer…gasping for air we got eliminated in the first round, GO TEAM! But that was all just fun and games, the real reason we were there was to worship and learn more about Christ! The preacher for the weekend was Tyler Jones from Vintage 21 Church in Raleigh. He preached fabulously on the rebirth in Christ and how we are made alive again in Him. He also preached on carrying each other’s burdens. There were several different things he said that I’d heard my entire life, but not quite how he said it. He shed new light on something I had always just blown over thinking I already new it. Not only did I learn more about what’s in the Word, but I learned more about the girls in my small group too. Relationships were strengthened and made deeper that weekend. It was a good heart warming weekend!

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