Free Concert Number 2?!

That’s right! Thanks to the University Scholars Program we were able to go see The Hot Sardines perform! I had no clue what to expect. Usually mandatory things through school aren’t fun, at least in high school they definitely weren’t. They were a jazz band from NY (I think…). All I know for sure is that they were very talented! The trumpet player was hitting crazy notes with ease that I’d never seen anyone do before in my life, not that I actually see trumpet players often, but I know that was skill! But the coolest instrument wasn’t actually an instrument at all…it was tap shoes! They had a tap dancer in the band who made the coolest beats with his dance moves! The tapper is the one in the black and white picture smack dab in the middle! Audrey, my roommate, who is in the center of the other picture actually tap danced with him after the concert! My friends and I went up to get signatures afterwards and ended up having a full out conversation with all the guys. We were telling them of the hot spots around campus, of course COOKOUT was numba one! We explained the miracle of the cookout milkshake and how you can mix up to three flavors out of their like 50 possible flavors. I think we blew their mind! We went to cookout later that night hoping to run into them, sadly we didn’t but we still enjoyed our tasty tray and milkshake combo!

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