Girls Play Sports Too

Powderpuff Football time! I was just casually eating dinner one night in Talley enjoying my Jason’s Deli sandwich (the only place I eat from in Talley…like I said there are a lot of sandwiches) when two random upperclassmen walked up and were like “hey ladies ya wanna play powderpuff football?” and of course me being me was like “sign me up!” And so it all began…

I had always wanted to play Powderpuff football since I was a freshman in high school. My school offered it every year until my year. They took it away from us cause the year before us had to many cat fights, so they got rid of the entire event. Needless to say I was a little upset….maybe a little bit more than just a tad bit upset. But when this opportunity arose I “carpe diemed” it like no other! I even got to play for free which for a college kid is the cherry on top of a whip creme covered sundae! Anyhow it was the morning of the tournament and my alarm didn’t go off…I roll over in bed and look at the clock. It was 10 minutes into our first game! Before freaking out, I checked my phone only to see texts saying its been delayed an hour due to field conditions. Score for Moni! Unintentionally sleeping in and it works out perfectly! My friend Nishi and I decided to do it together, so we are walking out to the fields not having a clue whose on the team or where we are suppose to go. We were the first ones there, for once. It was an out of body experience. We learned 15 minutes later that our team name is “Be there in 5” cause our captains are always late to everything…very fitting! We met the other girls on the team about 5 minutes before our first game and don’t really practice anything before hopping on the field. We are a man down but still manage to kick butt in our first game! Truth be told, we skunked the other team! Second game however, we played the Duke lacrosse club team….they were so good! And so serious! Final score: 56-0, Duke. Need I say more? We got 2 free t-shirts, so in a college kids mind it was well worth it!

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