Hold Your Breath!

So not even a week into school, my friend wins tickets to NEEDTOBREATHE!….nbd I know. Free concert? Can I get an amen!? We were going to our weekly CRU PrimeTime Meeting every Thursday night and everyone present was entered into a drawing. My friend didn’t initially win the tickets, but the person whose name was drawn wasn’t there to get their tickets…so WE GOT EM! Its a true tragedy for the person who didn’t get their tickets, cause that concert was mind-blowingly awesome! The Oh Hello’s opened up for NEEDTOBREATHE and were amazing! I’d never seen a stage so full of people and instruments! There were 11 band members and they were all jumping around and running around getting crazy, it was fantastic! Not to mention they sounded beautiful! At intermission I was so hype about how brilliant The Oh Hello’s were! And then….NEEDTOBREATHE came on and man was I for reals blown away! The lead three guys in the group are a very talented bunch of dudes! Not only is there music pleasing to the ear, but it warms the soul! Their voices are so pure and rich! Listening to them live was way better than any studio recording of them I’d ever heard. There’s no way technology can capture how wonderful they sound! You must see them live! I’m serious. It’s a must! Put it on your bucket list, your to do list, you anything and everything list. NOW!

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