Home Sweet Home

Yeah I know its only been like a week of school, but its a three day weekend and I get to go home! Upon special request of a very important someone…ahemm, myself, my family went to the mountains for the day to go hiking. My mom’s friend recommended this one trail in Swanoa (I think that’s how you spell it…it was a very, very VERY tiny town) so we were on our way to go hike it. So turns out verbal instructions for driving in the mountains doesn’t work so well…needless to say we got lost. But no biggie…there was a cafe in the little town, which in my opinion makes every town a wonderful town. Who doesn’t love a good baked treat! So upon finding this adorable cafe called the Purple Onion, we proceeded to eat all the calories we were planning on burning on the hike….but that tiramisu, let me tell you! That tiramisu! AHHH! Yummy in the tummy! It was so fresh and perfectly moist and oh my momma so delicious! After loading our stomachs up with desert we had a mini impromptu photoshoot, cause what girl doesn’t like pictures, DUH! And then we finally made our way out to a trail somewhere nearby. Only to go on the wrong trail….this little path was only about a mile long….I walk longer to some of my classes than that! But we got to cross a river with was amazing and refreshing. My dad was trying to be all Mr. Engineer and figure out the best way to cross the river without getting wet…I on the other hand just ripped my shoes off and hopped on in and crossed over. Granted it was literally only like 3 inches deep where I crossed but I was feeling real adventurous. Since it was only a mile or so long, we were done with our hike rather quickly.

Before I left back for NCSU, my dad took me out to the Charlotte Knights baseball game! They just built the new stadium and I had yet to go watch a game in it. It was the season finale…or whatever its called in sports, the last game of the season? So to top off the season, there was a spectacular firework show! And by spectacular I mean like 10 minutes straight of fireworks going off. Boom Boom Boom Pop Snap Crackle! Drop it like its hot….sorry I got a little taken away. Anyhow, it was a pleasure to say that was the only Knights game I ever went to in the new stadium.

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