Howling Cow? More like HOLY COW! Talk about some good ice cream! I honestly can’t taste the difference in Howling Cow ice cream and some other brands’ ice cream, but the fact that I can get it for free basically makes it all that more enjoyable. That sundae you see here is called the Chancellor’s Choice Sundae aka Freshman 15 in one bite…Let me be the one to tell you for the 500th time, Freshman 15 is a real thing people! I told myself I would never let that happen to me, but at the current moment in 12/15ths of the way of fully gaining the freshman 15 and I’ve only been here for 2 months and stay fairly active during the week. Its the snacking that gets you! And all the sandwiches…everything is a sandwich here at State! Bread is everywhere. However, it does taste good, like this sundae! I wasn’t even able to finish it…which is so so so rare for me! But you don’t even want to know the kind of stares I got from people when I walked away from the ice cream counter with that in my hand. Jaws literally dropped, including mine! It was delicious tho, every big bite I got in me. Oh and did I mention I’m lactose intolerant… yep that’s right. So worth it tho! Every upset stomach and passing of gas, definitely worth it. Wow…we just got to a whole new level right there…we are practically best friends now that I’m sharing my deepest secrets with you..


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