Parents Weekend

I’ve gone to so many parents and family weekends for my siblings and never really thought of what it would be like at my own…It was definitely different than all the other family weekends I had gone to. But for reasons you probably wouldn’t guess. Besides the whole cartilage piercing surprise that is. When I would go to my sisters school or my older brothers school they would show us around, give us tours of the campus, their favorite hangouts, the cute parts of town, the best shopping nearby, the yummiest of restaurants, etc. But when it came to my parents weekend, my parents were showing ME around Raleigh and the surrounding areas. I got campus down. After all I haven’t left campus much expect for the occasional run to the store or football game on the weekends. However, both of my parents are NCSU alumni, so they were showing me where they lived and what they went and did when they were at school. It was very strange. I felt like a foreigner at my own school. Don’t get me wrong tho, I loved them showing me around cause now I know where a lot of different things are and what there is all around me!

Saturday is game day! Every home football game, no exceptions, not even on parents weekend! My parents and my aunt, uncle, and cousin all came out to the game with me. We went the parents weekend tailgate before the game. I was under the impression that we got free food at this thing, but I’ve learned the hard way that few things in life are free. And if you know me personally at all, you know I love food! As in I will plan my day around meal times and when I can eat…so not getting a free meal before the game was a bit of a damper, but they did give us a free apple, water, and INSOMNIA COOKIES!!! Only the best known cookies of NCSU! They deliver into the wee hours of the night/ early mornings, its fantastic! So that may have slightly made up for the other lack of free food. The game itself was alright. Not gonna lie, there is no better way to watch a game than from the student section, so any other ticket is just not as great. But I loved being able to watch the game with my family and hear my mom sing and shout all the cheers perfectly…while I still struggled. No worries tho, I had that “go to hell Carolina” part down solid! GO PACK!

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