Spontaneity at its Finest

So it’s parents weekend and I had just got back from a lovely dinner with the rents. We ate at Plates Neighborhood Kitchen and walked around the cute little area where the restaurant was. After dinner I was suppose to go bowling at The Alley, but that’s not quite how this night went down. I got a group of girls together and we were on our way to Hillsborough St to go bowl, and then one of them saw a tattoo parlor…and we got tattoos…sike! No worries I’ve still got my tattoo virginity. But one of my friends was semi-jokingly like “hey lets go get something pierced!” And I being up for anything, I was like “hell yeah why not?!” So upon a pinky promise with my friend Madeline on the way to the tattoo parlor, we were set on getting our ears pierced. Another friend of ours, Nishi, also decided to get her ear pierced too. So we are forever sistas cause of our cartilage piercings.


I mean look how cute we are! Can’t you just see the piercings shining like a star?! ….I’m aware you can’t even tell we got our ears pierced, let alone where we even are, or why we are taking this picture, but it happened! I’m tellin’ ya it went down! It was quite a comical event to be honest! Our videos are priceless! I wish I knew how to post them on here for yall to see and get a chuckle, but you’ll just have to take me word for it. Anyhow, $67 later, we each have a hole in our ear.

So you know how I mentioned earlier, it was parents weekend that weekend and how my parents had just dropped me off thinking I was going bowling, which is what I thought was going to happen too that night. Well I have still yet to really tell them I got my ear pierced…I’m not quite sure why I haven’t told them yet, but they have seen me numerous times in person and over skype since I got it done, but I guess it’s just not that noticeable. So I’m still in the process of figuring out how to tell them I got my cartilage pierced, but at least I didn’t get a tattoo! 🙂


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