State’s Pride

Whatcha know ’bout racquetball!?! Let me tell you what! If you want a high energy, crazy exhausting, sweaty, fun workout, play yoself some racquetball! State has the most racquetball courts in any one single location, so we take pride in the sport and so many people play it, ALL THE TIME! It’s not rare to have to wait for a court to free up to play, its super popular! I’ve challenged a couple of my friends to a game or two. Won all of em….not quite, but it sure was a close game! Whether you’re playing for fun or competitive it’s tons of fun! Grab your friends and play!!! It requires absolutely zero skill! You literally hit the ball as hard or light as you want onto the wall and your opponent has to return it. Granted there’s a few more rules than just that, but that’s the gist of it!

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