Let me just take a minute to tell you about one of the funnest (I am aware that ain’t a real word) parties eva! CRU Barn Party (it actually went down on a real farm! like the cutest most amazing farm ever!) is quite possibly one of the coolest most deep fried country thing I’ve ever attended. Down here in the south they do it good! If you like that the state fair has everything deep fried, well my friend, then you’d be in heaven at this partay! I’m talking deep fried Oreos (that’s right! deep fried Oreos! I honestly couldn’t even taste the Oreo it was so covered in deep fried batter, whatever that batter even is), deep fried apples, and…well okay I think those were the only two things deep friend. But they had their signature sweet tea and of course water, cause hydration is key, especially when you’re line dancing and shagging all night! Yep you heard right, the good ole south dance moves have returned to college! CRU hired line dancing Bob (I think that was his name…real original, I know) to teach us all sorts of different line dances. He was pretty professional. This old little guy was just a moving and a groovin on stage! I for one couldn’t quite keep us so I just got down to my own little beat and did whatever this dysfunctional body of mine did.

Let’s not forget about the mechanical bull….HAHA! Oh the amount of wipeouts and face plants into piles of hay that I witnessed that night! My friend Adair I think lasted all of 0.2 seconds before plopping straight into the hay. BAM! Hay in the face! It was priceless!

Speaking of hay! There was a hay ride!!!! Alright don’t get to excited about it. It supposedly was “scary” but lets be honest I don’t think a baby would have flinched on that ride…but other than that I still enjoyed my night ride through a field of some plant I couldn’t tell what it was. Horticulture really ain’t my thang…

Oh and the giant camp fire! The fire was a life saver that night! All the days leading up to barn party were pretty warm, so I just assumed barn party would be warm as well…FALSE! That night was a tit bit nipply yall! Like my little legs could have gotten frostbite! Okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it was chilly people! But a couple weekends before barn party I was hitting up the good ole Gucci Villa (that’s what I call the best store ever…GOODWILL!!!) for some overalls, and what would ya know? with my thrifty self I found me some long overall pants! But me thinking it was going to be warm and all decided to take the trimmers to those pants and hacked them into some good looking hick short overalls. I’d like to think I rocked that look pretty well that night, but man were my legs chilly! Like me oh my I think my legs hairs grew a foot that night out in the cold! TMI? My B I’ll tone it down a little. Only a little tho. Needless to say, that camp fire was a lifesaver! It kept me nice and toasty when I wasn’t shaking what my momma gave me on the dance floor to some good Cotton Eye Joe and the Macarena!

What’s a party without a door prize?! Not a party! Duh! Well actually there weren’t really door prizes, but there were awesome t-shirts for sale, so I think that kind of beats door prizes. Best part about them…they were Comfort Colors, only the best brand of shirts known to man! Like those colors, the comfort! Man, that’s some good stuff! The name Comfort Colors itself says all you need to know, they were really thinking when they came up with that name! Anywho, I got down to my country roots that night! (I ain’t even from the country people. Truth be told I’m not even from this country… but that night I was from deep down in the south!)

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