Take Two

Around this time last year, I went to see this guy perform in Charlotte. His name you may ask? My boy Ben. Ben Rector that is. He played at the Fillmore, which in my opinion is the best venue in Charlotte, NC. So if you’re living in the Queen City and have yet to experience the Fillmore, are you really even living in Charlotte?! Anyhow, I’ll let that one slide, as long as you at least know who Ben Rector is. And if you don’t…oh my momma, if you don’t know Ben Rector….No worries tho, cause you’re in luck. There’s this beautiful thing called Spotify. It has just about every song you’d ever want to listen to and best part, its FREE! So you have zero excuses to not use it and look up Ben Rector, RIGHT NOW! Stop reading this and look up Ben because I can guarantee you that listening to Ben will change your life more than reading my blog. After all I’m still just a beginner at this whole thing. But once I’m famous for this blog, you’re gonna wish you read this fully. 🙂

Anyhow, back to Ben! His most recent album, “The Walking in Between,” came out a couple weeks or so before I saw him perform last year in Charlotte. I honestly didn’t know his new stuff at the time. About 4 years ago, my sister came home from college for winter break and introduced me to Ben. Not personally, but to his music. Still just as life changing as if I met him in person. And ever since that oh-so-cold winter, Ben has been warming my heart every day. No worries I won’t start fangirling, but this man is talented y’all. And if you still have yet to look him up, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! I actually gave you permission to stop reading this and look him up, LOOK HIM UP!!! I should be getting paid for all this advertising I’m doing in this one post. Ben and Spotify, you both owe me! Back to Ben tho! He was phenomenal! Many of the songs I’d never heard since it was mostly his new stuff, but none the less it was beautiful.

So you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about my senior year on what is suppose to be my college experience blog…and if you’re not, no biggie, cause I almost didn’t think about it either. But it just so happens I got to see Ben last night! Yep, two times. I’ve seen Ben two times. Granted he hasn’t released any new music since the last time I saw him in concert, so many of the songs were the same, but they were each performed very differently. You could tell the band and Ben were just having fun doing what they love! This time around I knew just about every single word to all the songs he sang. My friends and I were just a moving and a grooving to Ben and his boys, Cody, Sweet Kevin, and the drummer (sorry I forgot your name drummer guy). I went with two Matts and one Carlye…One of the Matts had seen Ben 4 times now and the other Matt 0. Carlye had never seen Ben either…Good thing that changed last night, cause Ben is someone everyone needs to go see! So next time Ben’s on tour I’m buying all you people tickets!!! Sike! Homegirl ain’t got money like that, I’m in college, remember? That means I’m poor. No matter how much money I actually have. When you’re in college everyone is poor. Sorry to get your hopes up like that, but no worries cause Ben is always super reasonable with his ticket prices, so you have to go see him. Also his covers of other songs are just mind-blowing. Last night for example, he covered Drake’s song “Hold on, We’re Going Home.” Are you confused yet? Cause I sure was when he introduced the song. But this is now your second assignment from this post (I know, you thought you were reading this blog for fun and now I’m assigning homework, school never ends people…ever!) look up this cover! For those of you who aren’t advanced on the interwebs, there’s this amazing site called YouTube, something everyone uses to look up videos…mainly funny cat videos. Don’t kid yourself, I know you do it. I’d post the video of it I recorded last night, but I’m just not quite that talented yet to know how to attach a video to this blog. And since I know so many people in this world are lazy, I’m actually gonna put the link to the video right here for you… ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzwLTC87eic ) Y’all now have zero excuses to not look up Ben and his cover of Drake. You are welcome. For everything. Because this is a life changing experience. I have changed your lives people!!! That’s a lot of responsibility for one college girl to have, so y’all are double welcome. You can repay me by actually looking Ben Rector up…for those of you who are just the most stubborn people ever and didn’t want to make your own life 100x better and still have yet to look him up, now’s your time. I’m out.

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