better self

so this post is more for myself than anyone, but if you care to read on, help yourself!

so today i was in one of what i like to call my “funks”… you feel sluggish, helpless, worthless, and for lack of better words bleh. and what i like to do in these funks is eat…and eat, and eat, and eat. i’m pretty sure i ate a years worth of potatoes in about 12 hours. whether it be in the form of potato chips (not a single serving bag…i’m talking the big Costco sized bag) or mashed potatoes, i ate em all! and the food brought me no comfort at all…it only made me feel more sluggish and bleh.

since i’ve gotten back from colorado, i’ve been trying to get back into my workout grind. after experiencing the freshman 15…more like 20, i decided to step up my workout regime second semester of college and into the summer. and by step up my workout regime, i mean start working out again, period. however, when i was in colorado there was no time to workout at camp. and the food was oh-so-good at camp. dessert at practically every meal and the yummiest of foods throughout the day…not exactly the recipe for a healthy lifestyle, but the experiences of camp outweighed all of it!

however, now that i’m back home i’m trying to do some type of physical activity at least once a day. whether that’s lifting weights, swimming, jogging, or walking through the neighborhood. but i’ve used that daily exercise as an excuse to eat junk…therefore not seeing any results.

so starting now, Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 9:38 i’m making a pact with myself to cut out the unnecessary, unhealthy indulgences that only make me feel worse after eating them. foods like potato chips, chocolate, ice cream, OREOS!!! (my weakness!!!), french fries, cookies, cakes, i think you get the point. foods that are high in sugar and low in nutritional value.

additionally, i’m going to trade out some of my meals for a salad. i want to eat at least 4-5 salads a week. honestly this goal is very ambitious for me given that i hadn’t ever eaten a full salad until this past year. needless to say my tastebuds have changed over the years and i’ve come to enjoy a good salad every now and then. my favorites are ones with fruit like grapes and apples…yum yum yum! but i’m determined to reach my goals and become a better version of myself and start living a healthier life.

as far as workouts go i plan to continue to workout everyday except sundays. i want to keep the sabbath holy and rest and focus on God. i’ve recently come to love swimming at the ymca. you don’t realize how much of a workout it is until you stop and are out of the water and start to feel your sweat. i’ve also started back up on lifting weights, nothing to crazy, but a few lightweights to tone up my arms. i’ve heard over and over again that it’s 80 percent diet, 20 percent exercise. lately i’ve been putting the focus on exercise and neglecting diet, so now i’m switching things up and am going to truly focus on diet and watching what i’m putting in my body.

so like i said at the beginning of this post, this post was mainly for myself. i wanted to make my goals public so i would feel accountable to them and have more than just myself knowing what i’m aiming for. i’ll probably post a couple follow ups about my progress to let you know how i’m doing and how i’m staying on track. i’m excited and nervous about this because i know this is going to be hard and i’m going to be tempted, especially with the sweets! but overall i’m excited and up for the challenge!

taking the next step to a better self!


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