just two days ago i began my better self transformation, and so far i can say it’s going swimmingly!…that might also have to do with the fact that my boyfriend was just in town for the past two days and that can always make me 100 times happier! but as far as all the goals i set for myself go, they are being met! and i know you’re probably thinking “well moni, its only been two days…that’s nothing!” which i would respond to with “why yes it has been only two days. but its been two successful days!”

starting healthy diets has always been hard for me. i open the pantry and see the peanut m&ms, or the box of oreos (Costco sized box of course…), or the chocolate…if you can’t tell by now, chocolate is one of my weaknesses. but i’ll see all this food in the pantry and want just one bite! there’s no harm in one bite….unless you’re moni and completely loose your self-control after one bite and that one bite turns into another…and another…and soon enough there is no more food to take another bite of….yep, it happens. so one bite isn’t an option for me if i want to really stick to this healthy diet.

somethings i’ve learned in these past two days that are really crucial in making any progress is:

-tell the people you’re around what you’re doing and your goals you’re trying to reach. letting people know not only allows them the opportunity to encourage you, but also not tempt you by offering those foods you’re trying to avoid.

-if you’re trying not to eat every hour of the day…like i have the bad habit of doing… try not eating first thing in the morning. wait a little until you can tell you need breakfast, that way the food will hold you over until later in the day. also try not to snack after dinner. being in college and being used to that being the norm, that was a hard habit to kick!

-staying busy and distracted can help to avoid mindless eating. the eating out of boredom thing is a legit daily struggle for me, so the busier i stay the better i am with not snacking all the time. also getting out of the house where food is readily available helps a ton! being out in the town somewhere where you are forced to pay for food if you want it gives a little incentive to not eat throughout the entire day. being that poor college kid, the last thing you want to do is waste money on some food when you’re not actually hungry, you’re just bored.

-lastly, i’ve learned salads with fruit in them taste SO good and fill you up more than you think! not only that, but you don’t feel that brick in the stomach after woofing down some heavy meal. the picture above is what i made for dinner tonight…SO GOOD! spinach and arugula leaves topped with strawberries, apple, grapes, blueberry and an apple cider vinaigrette dressing, it’s amazing!

as i mentioned in the beginning, my boyfriend came in town for the past two days, so working out didn’t happen. but even without working out, eating healthy and lighter made me feel so much better than working out real hard just to eat that bowl of ice cream after dinner that would make me feel heavy and loaded down. earlier this week i went to an allergy specialist because i was convinced i was allergic to so many different foods. come to find out, your girl here is not allergic to a single thing! but i get upset stomachs all the time and feel like a mound of dirt is just chilling in the pit of my stomach every time i eat. although that could be due to digestive issues of some sort, its very likely to simply be caused by the types of foods and amount of food i’ve been putting in my belly. however, since two days ago, i can happily say that hasn’t happened yet!

so overall i’d call these past two days a success! i can’t wait to continue on this path! 🙂


One thought on “progress

  1. So happy for you for the progress you’ve made thus far!!! Let me know if you’d be interested in a more custom nutrition/exercise plan, I’m looking to build my testimonials page and am offering a month of coaching for for free to anyone who is committed to change and progress towards their goals 🙂


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