you ever come across someone and just known they were different? unique maybe? they see something that others don’t see? there’s a whole ‘nother world they seem to be living in?

i admire those folks. i wish i could see what they see. think what they think. live in the world they live in.

they’re the ones that see new places for the first time and really know what it means to “take it all in”, to let yourself be changed by your new surroundings. they see old places and want to know its history; not the facts of when it was built or who built it, but they want to know who walked through the halls and did life in those four walls. they want to experience life the way the previous people did.

they’re the ones that like to bring old things back. they like to forget about the 21st century for just two seconds and simply enjoy life. strip down the craziness of today’s society and just get lost in the moment. they know how to untie and unwind and simply be with whoever is in their presence. they don’t care about what they are going to post, and how many likes they’re going to get, because they don’t live for the double-taps, they live to be in that moment. they cherish the little things and the moments they have with people.

they’re the ones that don’t need to surround themselves with hundreds of people to feel accepted. rather they can be content in their own head and just see what they see and get lost in their own thoughts. they can simply sit in silence and solidarity and be. they don’t need constant activity and hustle and bustle to keep them entertained and on their toes. they can be 100 percent physically idle but mentally they’re everywhere at once and yet solely in the presence of where they are.

they’re the ones that when you find someone like them, you hold onto them tightly and want to experience everything with them, so that you can just get a glimpse of what they see. to just for a moment get lost and experience their world. when you find someone like this, you don’t crush their spirits and point out how different they are and how weird they are, but you appreciate them because in this world of people who are turning into cookie cutter replicas of the same person, they are true to themselves and allow themselves to be them and only them. you hold tight to these people because they make you wish to have their eyes and their imagination. to see and to wonder, to listen and to think, to be and to feel. these are the people who know how to live.

normality is a paved road:

it’s comfortable to walk,

but no flowers grow on it.

-vincent van gogh


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