never the same

have you ever met someone and just known you weren’t ever going to be the same?

i can’t take credit for that quote, it was in a movie i recently watched, but it applies so truthfully in my life that i couldn’t help but share. for those of you who choose to continue reading this post, i want you to think of that person in your life for the remainder of this post. (disclaimer: this post will be much more relatable if that person is one of the following, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, fiance, etc.) if you haven’t gathered by that disclaimer, i’m about to talk about love…i know, what do i know about love? a year ago i’d agree that you have a valid argument, but now, now you don’t. for those of you who don’t know me personally and keep up with my everyday happenings (which would be normal…most people don’t) i met my boyfriend over a year ago and this is what i’ve come to learn

1. he’s constantly on your mind. i.e. this post. when you let your mind wander, it always finds that person. you can’t wait for the next time you see him. you’re already thinking about what you want to tell him, what you want to do with him, where you want to go, etc. you wonder what he’s doing, what he’s thinking, is he okay, is he thinking about you? you can’t seem to stop thinking about him.

2. you feel what he feels. if he’s in a slump/funk, more than likely you’re gonna be in that same funk. you’re gonna want to encourage him and lift his spirits, and he’s going to appreciate your efforts and sometimes you might be successful, but sometimes you’re gonna get his funk. but other times he’s over the moon and you can’t help yourself from joining in on his happiness and next thing you know, you’re over the moon too! your emotions become contagious to one another.

3. he encourages you to be better without any effort on his part. he holds himself to such a high standard that you in default want to be better for him. he doesn’t ask you to do so or force you to change, but you want to. you know he deserves it and you want to be the best version of yourself for him.

4. you can sit in silence, talk for hours, yell at each other, sing songs on the top of your lungs, make weird sounds and have zero coherent thoughts or words come out of your mouth and you’re totally 100 percent comfortable with each other during every moment of it all. you can sit and just stare at each other and know you’re loved; you can talk into the late hours of the night and feel like you still have so much more to tell him; you can fight about that things that he (or you) did or didn’t do but through it all you know you’re fight won’t change a thing about how much you love him; you can get in a car and turn on the radio and just belt all the songs at the top of your lungs and know he loves it, even if you miss every note and screech through it all; you can talk with your mouth full and none of the words actually sound like words and he already knows what you’re trying to say and casually responds as if you pronunciated every syllable correctly; and through all of it, you both were so comfortable. you don’t judge him and he doesn’t judge you…well maybe you make fun of them a little, all out of love of course, but in the end it doesn’t affect what you think, feel, or love about him.

5. he’s equally your best friend and boyfriend all at the same time. you want to do everything with him and have him next to you through it all, the highs, the lows, the celebrations, the victories, the failures, the stumbles…you want him there for it all. you know he’ll end up being the person who picks you up when you fall and makes you try again. he’s the one who smiles the widest and cheers the loudest when your name is called for some accomplishment you made. he’s the one you want to hug when you feel like you just can’t keep going. he’s the one you want to call and rant to about what’s going on and who’s doing what to you. he’s the one you can’t go a day without talking to. he’s the one that pushes you to be your best and try harder and give everything your all. he’s the one you can’t imagine your life without.

6. the little things are really the bigs things. it’s not the fancy car, nice clothes, pretty presents; it’s the simple gestures, the kind words, the little acts of love that speak so boldly and express what he’s thinking and feeling. it’s the gentle kiss on the forehead, it’s the hand holding no matter how far you’re walking together, it’s the simple text, it’s the look he gives you from across the crowded room, it’s the smile on his face that appears simply by you walking into the room, it’s his corny, cheesy jokes that you find so ridiculous but so him you find them too cute not to laugh, it’s him being him and no one else.

7. your cheeks hurt every time you’re with him because you can’t wipe that smile off your face. from the minute you saw him walk in, to the minute you kiss him goodbye, you’ve had this genuine pure smile stuck on your face the entire time. it’s not that he’s the funniest comedian you’ve ever seen, it’s that he brings this happiness from within to the surface. he can make you not have a worry in the world and just lose yourself in the moment you are spending with him. time doesn’t matter because you don’t want any moment you get to spend with him to ever end.

8. nicholas sparks movies don’t have anything on your relationship. you go to the movies with all your single girlfriends and watch them swoon over the dreamy guy, knowing he’s no match to your prince charming. sure those guys can be super attractive and unrealistically smooth and romantic, but when it comes down to it, my guy is smoother and more romantic because he’s mine and he knows me and loves me.

9. you’re willing to compromise. no matter how stubborn and hard-headed i can be, when it comes to me and him, i’m willing to compromise on the things we have a difference of opinions on. at the end of the day, who’s right and who’s wrong doesn’t matter. you’re in it together and you’re going to find the common middle ground where both of you are happy. over everything, his happiness if more important than the actual decision at hand is.

10. you don’t question if you love him, because you know without a doubt you love him. other people don’t stand a chance in convincing me otherwise. you can’t help yourself but to love him and to love him openly and deeply. you’re proud to love him and want everyone to know you love him. but people wouldn’t question whether or not you love him, because it’s so obvious in the way you look at him, talk to him, talk about him, interact with him that you are madly and whole heartedly in love with him. you think you have maxed out the amount of love you can have for him until you find yourself falling more and more in love with him. every day you find a million reasons to love him more.

so yeah, i’ve met someone and knew i was never going to be the same. and i was 100 percent correct about it. love is a powerful thing. once you’ve got it, there’s no going back.

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