keeping up with the kardashians

For the past 7 months or so I have been really trying to look after my health….meaning, I’m exercising regularly and really looking into what I am eating to fuel my body. It’s hard work and a lot of self-discipline. Results don’t come immediate and you’re always taking steps forwards and little steps backwards through the entire journey. But in the end, if you are eating nutritional, wholesome foods, and getting out and moving your body regularly, you are ultimately heading in the right direction and moving forward with your health. I’ve had days where I slip up and eat half of a cake my mom made like the one pictured (ahem, this happened like a week ago and yesterday if I’m being honest…) and I have days where I get my serving of veggies and fruits and protein and don’t indulge in mass amounts of sweets. I have my days where I really push myself at the gym and see strong results, and I have days where my body clearly needs to rest and so I do just that, rest. It’s been hard, but it’s been worth it. My body is so much stronger and able to do things I never thought I could. There will always be people stronger, thinner, heavier, fitter, etc than me, but every day I am making myself a healthier and better version of the me I was yesterday. I say all this, because I love seeing other people, especially women, who are taking their health seriously and putting in the time and effort to become stronger, not just physically. I’m talking about the ones that push themselves and listen to their bodies and put their overall health above their weight or size. The ones that say “screw the scale and what the “ideal” body is supposed to look like, I’m just here to get stronger.” But one thing I just can’t stand to see is people tearing other people down, for whatever reason. We are here to encourage and motivate others to become better version of themselves.
I’m not one to “keep up with the kardashians,” but I got pretty upset when I saw an article about people body shaming Khloe. In the past, people ridiculed her for being “too big” and being “the fat sister,” and now she has been working out regularly and taking care of herself and her health (which I know is a lot of hard work) and people are calling her “too skinny.” Healthy is healthy people. It comes in all shapes and sizes. I hate seeing people go around condemning others based on how they look. People don’t take into account the time and effort people put into looking out for their health. People also don’t ever consider the possibility that genetics can cause someone to look the way they do. To me everyone is beautiful. Everyone looks like they are supposed to look. We aren’t supposed to look identical and we aren’t supposed to strive to look like someone else. We are to be who we are. I will always promote working out and eating well, because it’s about being healthy. Sure, you may lose some weight and tone up and be heading in the direction of your “goal” or “dream body,” but that’s not what it is supposed to be about. It’s about fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to be on its A-game and training your muscles and body to be able to stay active and allow you to remain an able body that can do anything. I eat healthy and train hard, so that I don’t have to worry about not be able to do something because I’ve neglected my body for too long.
My hope is that people start encouraging each other to be conscious of their health and celebrate the baby steps in the right direction. Everyone starts somewhere and starting looks different for everyone, but one step leads to another which leads to another and in the end you’ll be going strong in the direction of a healthy lifestyle.


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