never the same

have you ever met someone and just known you weren’t ever going to be the same? i can’t take credit for that quote, it was in a movie i recently watched, but it applies so truthfully in my life that i couldn’t help but share. for those of you who choose to continue reading this … More never the same


you ever come across someone and just known they were different? unique maybe? they see something that others don’t see? there’s a whole ‘nother world they seem to be living in? i admire those folks. i wish i could see what they see. think what they think. live in the world they live in. they’re … More characters

Take Two

Around this time last year, I went to see this guy perform in Charlotte. His name you may ask? My boy Ben. Ben Rector that is. He played at the Fillmore, which in my opinion is the best venue in Charlotte, NC. So if you’re living in the Queen City and have yet to experience … More Take Two


Let me just take a minute to tell you about one of the funnest (I am aware that ain’t a real word) parties eva! CRU Barn Party (it actually went down on a real farm! like the cutest most amazing farm ever!) is quite possibly one of the coolest most deep fried country thing I’ve … More Yeehaww!

Parents Weekend

I’ve gone to so many parents and family weekends for my siblings and never really thought of what it would be like at my own…It was definitely different than all the other family weekends I had gone to. But for reasons you probably wouldn’t guess. Besides the whole cartilage piercing surprise that is. When I … More Parents Weekend