Howling Cow? More like HOLY COW! Talk about some good ice cream! I honestly can’t taste the difference in Howling Cow ice cream and some other brands’ ice cream, but the fact that I can get it for free basically makes it all that more enjoyable. That sundae you see here is called the Chancellor’s … More HOWLING COW

Parents Weekend

I’ve gone to so many parents and family weekends for my siblings and never really thought of what it would be like at my own…It was definitely different than all the other family weekends I had gone to. But for reasons you probably wouldn’t guess. Besides the whole cartilage piercing surprise that is. When I … More Parents Weekend

State’s Pride

Whatcha know ’bout racquetball!?! Let me tell you what! If you want a high energy, crazy exhausting, sweaty, fun workout, play yoself some racquetball! State has the most racquetball courts in any one single location, so we take pride in the sport and so many people play it, ALL THE TIME! It’s not rare to … More State’s Pride

CRU Fall Retreat

Since I’ve been at State I’ve gotten heavily involved in CRU, which is short for Campus Crusades. Its a christian organization on campus that brings together anyone who loves Christ and wants to grow deeper in love with Him. I can honestly say my closest most dear friends thus far from State have come from … More CRU Fall Retreat

Home Sweet Home

Yeah I know its only been like a week of school, but its a three day weekend and I get to go home! Upon special request of a very important someone…ahemm, myself, my family went to the mountains for the day to go hiking. My mom’s friend recommended this one trail in Swanoa (I think … More Home Sweet Home